Which frame is right for my child?

We’re often asked: “For a 1st birthday, would a Wee’UN or Hump be better?”

The Wee’UN is great for a 1st Christmas or Birthday

When we are new to climbing and balancing, it’s better to use a surface that’s close to the body. The Wee’UN allows kids to lean against the rungs for extra security until they build up confidence, awareness of their body and positioning to start moving off the rungs.

We make our rungs extra chunky. More surface area for feet and hands makes for comfortable climbing. And it’s better for little bums to perch on. Little ones who are new to being on their feet tend to go up and down a couple of rungs till they get the hang of their positioning – but they’ll be at the top in no time. Our single top rung design feels right as they make their way up. Even as adults, the top rung on a gate helps us to cling on for extra support and balance.

That top rung is also an important safety feature. Heads and bodies can’t get stuck between the top two rungs so it helps to prevent entrapment. We exceed the CE safety standard on this which usually applies to taller products.

Being a lot wider than other frames, the Wee’UN which makes it easier for little ones to swing their legs over once they’ve got to the top. As they learn more about their body-positioning and balance they’ll turn their body to get down the other side.

Older kids get a lot of play value out of a Wee’UN. We get many messages from customers who love the fact that older siblings seem to enjoy the frames as much as the younger ones! Get the Wee’UN

child climbing weeun pikler frame
child climbing hump pikler frame

And the Hump comes next

The Hump is the natural progression from the Wee’UN. At around two to three years old, kids start to have more awareness of their positioning. They feel more confident climbing without the rungs against their body.

To understand what makes climbing on the Hump different, think of how it would feel as an adult using a ladder as a bridge. Being in a raised crawling position, you don’t have the added security of the rungs against your body. Moving horizontally draws your eye-line towards the ground making it harder to look around and therefore more of a challenge.

When crossing the Hump, your child will turn around at the middle point so they can land on the other side feet first. With no single top rung to rest the body against, like on the Wee’UN, they need more awareness of positioning and problem solving to turn around. Get the hump

Then they’re ready to meet a giant

Once they’ve mastered the Hump, they’re ready to climb a mountain. Or as we call it… Finn!

Perfect from the age of four, Finn is our giant hump and provides an extra challenge. It also doubles as the perfect frame for a den! Get the Finn

child climbing finn pikler frame